Randomocities of MsPrissy

I'm twenty-three year old, writer, poet, music crazed, artsy, dramatic, dance loving gal. I am bipolar to say the least and you will notice this from the fluctuation of emotions that present themselves in my posts. As my Blog title suggests ma posts will be coming at you in no particular order....so sit back relax and enjoy the Music, the pictures, the quotes, the poems my thoughts, feelings, Inspired pieces as they flow from my finger tips ....overflow from my heart....as i come across things that amuse or touch me I'll share them with you. Please enjoy the Randomocities that embodies me..Olivia...fondly called Liv, Livy, MsPrissy. xoxo Love.Peace.Respect.......

Tea and Knickers for the Vicar on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/27613439

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